TheCurlyOne » Happy New Year
santhakumar » i want to know the details of how to get sigarangalai nokki book in germany.
santhakumar » write in unicode tamil
balaji » hai suba done a nice job like to hea from you
balaji » hai suba done a nice job like to hea from you
JK » Good to see your posts..
ttkprakash » Good Job. well done.
Ravi » Hi Subra
Ravi » hi Suba
Name » Message
suba » Hi Elango & Ravi. Thanks for ure input. (Ravi, this is only a messageboard.not chattingroom )
elango » are you there?
ravi » hi
ravi » irukingala
ravi » suba are u there
arlynelucille » New book "Arlyne Lucille: Heavenly Heights," is at 877-289-2665 and Buy Books on the!
arun » Aha ! It works!
illangkumaran » nalama?
illangkumaran » ungkal pakkam mikavum arumaiyaka ullathu
vanakkak » vanakkam
suba » Hi, it is in Murasu anjal
kumaresan » Hello Suba! I am kumaresan from FH-offenburg.Your site is very interesting.But i could rad only partly.What fonts have you used?!
Srinivasan R » Suba, your work and words are very inspiring. May God bless you with continued happiness and more opportunities. Anbudan,
Muthu » this is very nice .. and will be very easy to write something
yalali » hello
yalali » hello
Neetha » Vanakam Subha
Neetha » hi subha
Suba » ġ, tscii Ƣ . Ȣ.
Balaji » உங்களி ் இந்த வலைப் பதிவுக ் உங்கள் அனுமதி ுடன்தா ே இங்கு ( http://www.webtamila riyaa04.htm ) மறுபதி ்பாகிற
Suba » Wish u the same Raju!
Raju » Suba, Wish you very happy new year 2k4!
karthikdevan » momos Ţ chilli paste š. 츢. Ȣ, ٨ blog .
karthikdevan » momos Ţ chilli paste . 츢.
Suba » Kimchi can be also a fermented vegetable dish. There are varieties of kimchi offered everywhere in S.Korea. However the red chilli with cabbage is quite common.
Suba » is basically chili paste. Koreans (Japaneese too) mix this fresh red chili paste with cabbage or some other vegetables and eat this with almost every meal.
karthikdevan » ? Is it a sea food dish?
Suba » 𼡧 . 󧾡 ..
usha » š? ȡ¡
karthikdevan » , Ƣ ոȧ....?** 짾 **
karthikdevan » I am unable to read your posts directly from the browser. Every time, I have to cut paste this into umarthambi's site .... why this is so? Can you suggest a way out? ** 짾 **
Suba » TSCII .
N.Kannan » This mock-trailer of Matrix is technically superb but of very bad taste. It ridicules feminity. Not my cup of Tea
rajarathnam » I like that martix reloaded verymuch.nalla sirithu romba naaluchu.
Suba » romba nalla irukken. ungkalai konjam arimukap padithikkollungkalen ..
shivabarati » subhashini eppadi irukireeragal?
Suba » Yes Raviaa!
raviaa » I wrote some comments in unicode. Comment section accept only TSCII ?
rajarathnam » http://www.manasarov
Suba » Thanks for u're kind words L.A.Vasudevan
L.A.VASUDEVAN » ɢ Ž. blog ; () ţ Ģ ; Ƣ Ţ! Ҽ, ..Ţ ĺ¡
Suba » i found my favourite sonf 'ithayam poguthey' in this list. tku so much Rajaratnam
rajarathnam » http://www.tamiltune .com/MJ/Songs.php?Ty peId=5&Id=47
Mathi » Vanakkam.
Suba » Thanks Rajaratnam. It's indeed an intresting link.
rajarathnam » /channels/tamil/arti st/Jency.html
Suba » vanakam, diwali M'sia- vile epadi iruku elanthamil? » vanakkam Suba Nalamaga irukindirgala
Mahandren » i read ur articles in nanban last Sunday..Good!
Mahandren » still so many comments from the participants going on in news paper..some's seems to b not satisfy with matured writers comments
Mahandren » Sorry for late reactions. Away for bussiness trip, just back..and now very busy creating my website ( or
Suba » Thank's Raju..u'll find more info soon about my Italy trip..
Suba » Mahendran, i sent u a reply form u after that.. I'd like to discuss wt u about the M'sia Tamil writers blog.. send me u're email address..we need to further discuss
Mahandren » hello Subashini ! Remember me Mahandren from Msia. recently i send an email to you (after i listen to ur speech at Tamil Ellutalar prog) Then how is life going on ? This is my 1st time 2 visit ur page
Raju » Good blogs, love to read more from you especially "Germany in Focus". Keep it up!
Suba » Swiss is not far for me ; so I've visited many times. Infact I just came back from Italy yesterday..more storioes soon
kuloththungan » were you in CH and Italia?
Suba » Thanks Vinobha..
Suba » Rajesh, install murasu anjal in u're system, and choose 'user defined' option (IE -->view -->encoding)
Vinobha » your "thoughts on thoughts" was very nice.
Rajesh » hoe do i view tamil fonts?
Suba » Hi Arun, this section is only in Tscii. I've another blog in unicode http://subaonline.lo - focusing on germany..try that side in Unicode
Arun » why don't you develope your page in UNICODE
Suba » Yes, we should.
Kannan » Suba I'm a vivid reader of your 'Germany in Focus' and your musings here. I propose an "intra-blog communication network" for Tamil bloggers in my Blog. Lets share our inspirations!
Suba » Sathya, I'm using murasu anjal and this page is completely in TSCII.
Sathya » Can you provide a link to download the tamil font required
maalan » Suba, u may add yr favourite sites also. couple of pix will break the verbal monotony
Suba » Dear Friends..! feel free to add u're comments here..